Brand History

Welcome to our streetwear world. Everything was born from the passion of two guys, outside the box and with a unique vision of hip hop culture. What at the beginning was just a game has today become a real brand that produces clothing with an authentic and original style.

What distinguishes us is the quality of our products. Each garment is made with artisanal care and fine materials, to guarantee a perfect fit and absolute comfort.

Our style is characterized by the simplicity and purity of the lines, for a versatile look that is adaptable to any occasion. Our garments are designed for those who love to feel comfortable, without having to follow passing trends. We believe in freedom of expression and diversity, and we want our customers to feel free to express themselves however they want.

But the real strength of our brand is the passion we put into everything we do, from the design of the garments to the relationship with our customers. We want you to feel part of our family, that you wear our clothes with the same passion and pride that we put into every product we make.

Finally, we want to emphasize that we believe in equality and inclusion. Our clothes are for everyone, without distinctions of gender, age or origin. We want everyone to feel part of our community, and that fashion is a universal language that knows no barriers.

Come and discover our streetwear world, where passion, quality and inclusion come together to create a unique and authentic experience.